Black Pomegranate scented candle OTELLO 270g


Otello locked his eyes on that handkerchief –belonging to his Desdemona– held out by Iago. But even had he not seen it, blinded as he was by jealousy, the aroma alone was proof enough. The scent of Desdemona, an intoxicating and redolent waft of black pomegranate, rose sweetly from the handkerchief to knife him through the heart.

Α premium quality candle with Black Pomegranate scent inspired by the opera Otello.


Top notes: Apple leaves Middle notes: Black pomegranate Base notes: White musk


-Handmade high quality scented candle.

-Contains a mix of top quality plant oils, waxes and edible paraffin.

-Is enriched with scents checked and certified by the world’s largest perfumery companies.

-Contains 100% cotton (lead – free) wicks.

-Ensures a clean burn, free of black smoke.

-Lasts about 70 hours when lit.

-Comes in 100% recyclable packaging.

-Produced in Greece.



-Handmade candle in glass jar.

-Wooden lid

– Exclusive handmade carton box.

– Small leaflet (in Greek and in English), explaining the notes and the special features of the candle. Volume: 270gr, Color: Bordeux colored jar with wooden lid Dimensions: 9×9 cm

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